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Kadziolka and Associate therapists are trained professionals at the graduate level. We believe in human potential, and see life challenges and emotional difficulties are a normal part of life.


Individual, Couples & Group Counselling

All therapists at Kadziolka & Associates are well trained with over 50 years collective experience. Assessment and treatment plans are a collaboration between clients and therapists, focusing on ineffective patterns and opportunities for learning and change. Therapists are skilled in listening, observing, and supporting clients’ move toward treatment goal attainment. Kadziolka and Associate therapists are strong believers in the healing power of connection and relationship repair.


A Broad Scope Of Experience


Training For Professionals & Employees

Cindy, Lindsay, & Holly has taught Psychology, Social Work and Business Management courses at North West Community College and Northern Lights College, and has facilitated many work place training sessions including: Core Addictions, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Leadership, Critical Incidence Debriefing, and Communication.


I am Cindy Kadziolka

Cindy Kadziolka is the owner of Kadziolka and Associates: Training & Therapy. She has three degrees: Double major degree Psychology & Sociology – University of Victoria, Social Work degree – University of Northern BC, and a Masters in Education (Clinical Counselling) – UNBC. She is Provincially trained in Disaster Psychosocial Services (DPS) through Health Emergency Management BC for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

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Ms. Kadziolka is a registered Social Worker with the BC Association of Social Workers (BCASW) and non-certified Professional Member of CCPA. With over 30 years of experience, she has counselled individuals, couples, families, and groups in community, residential, and hospital settings.

Ms. Jardine has two degrees: Administration – Athabasca University, and Social Work – University of Northern British Columbia and is registered through BCCSW.

Ms. Cunningham has two degrees: Bachelor of Education – Simon Fraser University and a Masters in Education (Clinical Counselling) – University of Northern British Columbia. She also has a teaching certificate and is a non-certified Professional Member of CCPA.

At Kadziolka & Associates, we believe that life can be hard but that human resolve can be stronger, and changes can occur with willingness and support. Kadziolka & Associate therapists specialize in therapies related to communication, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Addictions including: Drug, Alcohol, Eating Disorders, difficult life stages and transitions, Couple and Family relational dynamics, and Personality Disorders and aspects that are negative, ineffective, self-defeating and chronic.

We facilitate conditions for clients to have the time, space, and tools to explore and identify their challenges in a unique and innovative way.

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They said

Cindy stood by me through every turbulence, tailwind, and hurricane. She respected me even when I didn’t respect myself.


Thanks again Cindy for being apart of my recovery and journey…you have been a pleasure to work with and you made me counselling experience fun and entertaining - you are one of a kind Cindy and I hope you never change your authentic and original way of being!


My husband and I attended Cindy’s DBT skills group (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) and it was so helpful that we would take it again without hesitation. We both feel that the skills learned her have positively affected every relationship in our lives and saved our marriage. Thank you so much Cindy

J&A, Dawson Creek

Words can’t express the feelings I have after seeing Cindy. She can help you build yourself up and create a better life. Thank you Cindy for being you.

Katie Stewart

Working with Cindy will allow you to create a stable foundation on which you can build a beautiful life.

Forrest Willet

I have seen other therapists but Cindy was able to help me see how what I was doing was creating my difficulties and feeding into my depression. I now understand my cycle and my options. You Rock!!


Enjoyed my session with Cindy Kadziolka. These sessions will eradicate all preconceived notions of therapy and open your mind to endless possibilities of self-reflection and self-healing. Thank you!


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