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Anxiety and COVID

This is the Time to Accept Today

🦋 We are in a stage of great change which can be very difficult for those who need predictability to manage their stress and worries. I want to assure you that Control is an illusion – case in point: 6 months ago none of us thought these cultural and global changes would occur. Yet we are managing ourselves at this time; not perfectly perhaps, but We Are Managing.

Perhaps this is the time to Accept today (not think of the future). We only have to focus on today…Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Perhaps remember our brains are Hardwired to seek out patterns and currently there Are No Patterns and we grieve the loss of the known.

Perhaps Accept the perfect in our imperfect attempts …we try, we stumble, we fall, we get back up, we are kind and gracious with our efforts and attempts.

Perhaps Now is the time to omit the words Perfect, Control, and Have Too

We have been given a time of Reflective Silence on a Global scale.

Will you honour the Change & Loss?
Focus on What’s Next with Curiosity and Openness?

Now Is the time to breathe, accept your brain is working hard looking for new patterns when they are scarce.

Be kind to yourselves

Sincerely and Signed –
Perfectly Imperfect,

Cindy Kadziolka BA, RSW, M.Ed., CCPA (professional)
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